Clean Your Finances This Spring

London, England (4 May 2015): With spring in full swing and summer just around the corner, short-term loan provider Pounds to Pocket will publish a series of blogs and articles to help you spring clean more than your home as well as offer tips to help your money go further. The articles will feature on Pound Place, an online hub that gives customers friendly advice for making their money go further.

As sunnier days greet us, it’s important to shine a light on your personal finances. Pound Place will publish an article detailing the crucial aspects of money management and how you can make sure your bank accounts, credit cards and investments are all in good order.

Clearing out, decluttering and selling unwanted items is a great way to make better use of space in your home. Pound Place will offer a useful guide for getting rid of things you hardly ever use and making some useful cash in the process.

Juicing is becoming more and more popular for the health conscious – Pound Place will give a crash guide for make the most delicious and nutritious juices with inexpensive ingredients.

Nick Drew, Managing Director of Pounds to Pocket, said, “Thrifty and enterprising consumers are always looking for ways to make the most out of their hard-earned cash. We want to encourage them, which is why we’ve set up Pound Place to be a useful hub of information to aid customers with their money management.

“We’ll be continuing our regular set of articles throughout the summer.

“We strive to keep our customer service at consistently high levels – it’s a key part of our Customer First initiative. Our efforts are well reflected in Pounds to Pocket customer satisfaction ratings: on average 90% say they are satisfied with the service they receive.”

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