10 Dieting & Weight Loss Apps

Did you know you could learn how to eat healthy and lose weight with the help of your smartphone? Download these 10 free diet and weight loss apps to start living a healthier lifestyle!

1. MyFitnessPal

Available for: iOS, Android, Windows Phone

Do you want to effectively count calories and successfully track your diet? We have the pal for you — MyFitnessPal that is! This app helps you lose weight and keep it off simply by tracking the food you’re eating anywhere, anytime.

2. Lose It!

Available for: iOS, Android

The way to lose weight is simple: burn more calories than you eat each day. But how do you do that? It’s easy (and free) to get started — download the app Lose It! It’s designed to help track your nutrition, log your exercise and come up with a daily calorie budget.

3. Fitocracy Macros

Available for: iOS

Once you have mastered tracking your calorie intake, perhaps you should consider tracking macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fat). In order to do that, download the Fitocracy Macros app for convenient tracking of your day’s calorie intake.

4. Fooducate

Available for: iOS, Android

Do you know what is really in your food? With the Fooducate app, you can shop for food the healthy way — by pulling up nutritional information on products! It helps you make sense of the nutrition facts on labels and get suggestions on healthy alternatives.

5. Shopwell

Available for: iOS, Android

In order to eat well, you definitely need to shop well! By downloading the Shopwell app to your smartphone, you can read ratings on groceries according to your nutritional needs. Do you have any dietary restrictions? This app allows you make a personalised profile and create nutritional goals.

6. Diet Point Weight Loss

Available for: iOS, Android

If you haven’t successfully chosen a weight loss program that is ideal for you, download the Diet Point Weight Loss app! More than 130 different diet plans are available on this app — complete with shopping lists and meal plans. If you want a free, tailored diet, this is the app for you!

7. Diet Assistant

Available for: iOS, Android

The most difficult part of slimming down is eating healthy. With the Diet Assistant app, you can easily monitor your food intake. You can find food to fit with your current diet, and create shopping lists for the supermarket.

8. Fitocracy

Available for: iOS, Android

Sometimes fitness isn’t fun. But it can be fun, if it is a game! The Fitocracy app successfully combines the entertaining components of videogames and a workout program. The enemies? Body fat and weak muscles! Download this app today and level up!

9. Noom Weight

Available for: iOS, Android

Crash dieting is a quick fix to lose weight. However, if you want lasting results, you need to create healthy habits. On the Noom Weight app, you will receive innovate approaches to fitness and food. You can also connect with other individuals who are trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

10. RunKeeper

Available for: iOS, Android

If you’re on a budget and can’t afford a gym membership at the moment, don’t fret — RunKeeper is here to save the day! On this app, you use your smartphone’s GPS to calculate running routes, pace and overall distance traveled. As an added bonus, you can also see how many calories you’ve burned!


Jordhan Briggs is a content writer and copywriter at Enova International, Inc. dedicated to providing the most informative and useful content about living a rewarding life on a budget. Find out more about her on Google+.


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