10 Ways to Avoid Shopping on Impulse

Are your impulse shopping habits causing you to spend more than you should be? Do you end up with lots of random items that you wish you never bought? If so, advice is at hand to help you defeat the urge to splurge.

One great way to break the habit is to put obstacles between yourself and the buying process. Carry only the cash you already planned to spend, delete your credit card details from Amazon, and use a small trolley in the grocery store to limit how much you can carry.

Our other tips come straight from the science of shopping. Psychologists have shown that we are more likely to buy an item if we’ve touched it, and that goes for picking something up in a shop or tapping it on your iPad. You will benefit from keeping your hands in your pockets and only using a laptop or desktop computer to shop online.

Our new infographic provides a full guide to figuring out how to suppress your shopping instincts.

Impulse buying can be costly and guilt-inducing. Get it under control, and your next trip to the shops needn’t result in a trolley full of regret!

10 Ways to Avoid Shopping on Impulse (Infographic)

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