12 Pieces of Clothing to Last a Week

work headerDressing for work can often be more complicated than it needs to be, especially when you can wear whatever you like or if you share in the misconception that you need at least 100 individual items to create ‘your look.’ With each new seasonal trend and the latest must-have styles, it’s no wonder we feel compelled to buy a seemingly endless array of outfits to fill our closets. However, as our latest infographic shows, it is possible to save time and money by mixing and matching just 12 items of clothing for your complete work week.

Regardless of gender, there are a few vital tips you should remember. First and foremost, it’s imperative to keep the basics simple. While many of us love experimenting with fashion and choose clothes as the vessel for expressing our personality, the office isn’t always the most appropriate place to be daring. By keeping pants and blazers straightforward, you have the freedom to add interest to your outfits with colourful shirts and accessories.

It’s important not to forget in your search for staple pieces that quality is more important than quantity. As a rule you should buy well-crafted items you can afford, but keep in mind quality and price are not synonymous. If the idea of spending hundreds of dollars on designer apparel fills you with dread, consider budget fashion stores, which sell high-quality items at a much lower cost. According to The Budget Fashionista, 70% of your closet should be classic, quality pieces that are unlikely to go out of style, with the remaining 30% being fun and quirky items you just love.

With a little savvy shopping and smart pairing, you can save space in your closet and still show up to the office looking great.

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