13 Signs It’s Time to Move on from Your Job

No one loves every aspect of their job, and everyone has bad days at the office. But sometimes those little frustrations and mounting resentments building up in your mind are a sign of something deeper.


If you can relate to any or all of these “time to quit” warning signs, you may want to consider starting a search for something else:


  1. You dread going into work every morning. And not the usual “I hate waking up so early” dread that most of us feel; I mean a serious, gut-wrenching dread that has you wondering every morning what kind of excuse you can come up with for calling in sick.
  2. You wait until 8:59 a.m. to walk in door and have your coat on at 4:59 p.m., ready to flee.
  3. You have seriously contemplated living in a cardboard box and living off Ramen noodles rather than spending one more day in this position. (And if you didn’t have a family/mortgage/health insurance to worry about, you would have already done this months ago.)
  4. Your health starts going — either mentally or physically. No job is worth getting sick over. If you find yourself regularly suffering from tension headaches, panic attacks, lack of sleep, and other health issues, it’s time to find something better.
  5. Just talking about your job makes your jaw clench and your heart start racing.
  6. You’ve changed the ring tone for your office to the “Imperial March” from Star Wars.
  7.  You’ve started taking your work frustrations out on your family/clients/coworkers.
  8. The littlest things (a copier jam, the break room coffee pot being empty) send you into a tailspin.
  9. Your overall performance is suffering. If you’re no longer motivated to do a good job or try your hardest, it’s a sign of some serious issue with your job that you’re not acknowledging. It also means that, if your performance keeps slipping, you may find yourself in HR being told to leave your position even sooner than you were planning. So start looking now for something that will actually make you want to go the extra mile.
  10. You’ve stopped trying…and caring…and caring about the fact that you don’t care.
  11. You have a bully of a boss. No one deserves to live in fear of being yelled at every day.
  12. The company is heading south. If paycheques have been delayed, big client accounts are leaving, benefits are being slashed, or mandatory overtime every day has become the norm, it’s time to consider jumping ship before things get any worse. You’re better off finding a good position now than scrambling for anything to bring in a paycheque when the company goes under and you’re out on the street.
  13. You’ve become incredibly, mind-numbingly bored. Even if a job pays well, endless days of surfing the Web for cat videos because your skills are being underutilisYoued will take a toll on a person. Don’t underestimate the importance of job satisfaction in the overall equation of whether a job is worth it.


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