5 Proven Ways to Save Money on Petrol This Summer

With the summer holiday season approaching, if you find yourself spending a good deal of your budget on petrol each year, one of the best things you can do for your budget is to make some simple changes to your driving and purchasing habits to save several pounds per month for life! Here are some proven ways to cut back on your spending in the fuel category:


  • Pay For Value, Not Convenience – Prices at the pump can vary depending on location (and this is often a function of convenience). Rather than always just going to the closest petrol station, get to know the various options around you and which ones tend to be cheaper. There are also many fee smartphone apps that allow you to comparison shop or you can even check prices online from your home before leaving if you don’t have a smartphone. Don’t pay more than you need to!


  • Monitor Your Tyre Pressure – This is a simple but important component of fuel efficiency. If your tyres are low on air pressure, driving will consume more fuel than if they are filled properly. Check out your owner’s manual for the car to confirm what the pressure should be and make it a point to have them maintained at that level. Remember to always be safe first, and if you’re concerned your tires are stripped and may not be safe, consider a personal loan to get safe tyres on your vehicle.


  • Cruise Control Saves Energy – Due to the way we drive and the way engines work, when there’s a steady speed maintained, autos consume less fuel compared to the up and down we tend to do when driving without cruise control. There are various studies out there citing different fuel savings, but the most prominent is Edmunds.com showing a savings of 14 percent over manual foot control.


  • Drive Slower – This is slightly different from the prior point in that, aside from driving steady, driving slower also conserves fuel. While you need to get where you’re going, we all tend to drive at or above the stated speed limit often times. If you’re in no rush, why not save some money? By driving slower, the gear ratio and RPMs in your engine is such that you’ll use less fuel per kilometer!


  • Avoid High Traffic Times and Areas – While sometimes you can’t control a traffic jam, there are certainly better times of the day and better routes to travel if you know a route and area well. This goes back to convenience again. Rather than doing what’s easiest for you, sometimes you can save quite a bit of money on fuel by traveling at off hours or a slightly less direct route.


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