5 Ways to Get Where You’re Going for Less

Cars aren’t the only way to get where you’re going. Here are 5 modes of transportation to consider before hopping in the car this summer.  
If you have the time and the energy, walking is a pretty easy way to save some money on your commute. And in the summer, it’s a great way to get out and enjoy the nice weather!

If your destination is a bit too far to walk, hop on your bike! Cycling is a great workout, and depending on where you’re located, you often have less traffic to compete with.

Utilising public transport is a great way to cut costs when compared to driving. And if your commute is long enough, it will give you the opportunity to get some work done on the road!

For many of us, driving is the only option we have for our commute. But one quick way to save is by car sharing. Your fellow riders can contribute to petrol costs, and if your group has a new driver every week, your car will take on less wear and tear.

Sometimes flying is your only option for long-distance travel, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay through the nose. Try to plan ahead when purchasing tickets to get a better price — 29 to 104 days out from your flight seems to be the sweet spot.1

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Jennifer Gueringer is a Social Media Associate at Enova International, Inc., and is interested in finding new and creative ways to be financially savvy. Find out more about her on Google+.


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