5 Ways to Get a Workout Without Gym Fees

It’s important to stay in shape. But with gym membership fees, it can also be expensive! Fortunately, you don’t need to empty your wallet to stay fit. Below, we’ve collected five ways that you can get in some exercise for cheap.

1. Casual Sports

If there are public basketball courts, football pitches or tennis courts near you, it’s easy to get some exercise while playing the game of your choice. Just grab the equipment you need and head down with some family or friends. You can even make some new friends by joining a game in progress!

2. Trail Running

For those who love running and the outdoors, trail running is the cardio-boosting child of hiking and cross country. Experienced trail runners can keep up their pace over 10 kilometres of hilly dirt trails, but anyone with a pair of running shoes can get their blood pumping while jogging through nature!

3. Gardening

Though gardening doesn’t immediately scream “workout,” exercising your green thumb can burn a lot of calories. Even something as simple as watering can burn 61 calories over 30 minutes, while more involved actions like digging or tilling can burn more than 400 calories an hour.1 If you don’t have a garden of your own, check online to see if there is a community garden in your area. You may be able to team up with your neighbours to combine gardening and working out.

4. Bodyweight Workouts

Just like it sounds, a bodyweight workout uses your own mass to work your muscles, rather than machines or free weights. These workouts can be simple enough to do in your own home, using basic exercises like squats, push-ups and planks to build strength and burn calories. More advanced bodyweight aficionados might head to a local park to take advantage of equipment like pull-up bars.

5. Swimming

Swimming is a fun, refreshing way to stay in shape, especially during the warmer months. Open-air pools and lidos are often inexpensive or free, letting you get in some laps without draining your wallet. And swimming isn’t just a great workout — it’s also low-impact, meaning it’s perfect for people who might be recovering from injuries or just love the water!


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