6 DIY Decorating Ideas to Make Your Home Happier

Redecorating your home can be costly. But if you’re willing to put in the time to do it yourself, you can save a bundle and even add value to your home. To get you started, here are six DIY decorating ideas that will put a smile on your face and keep more quid in your pocket.


1. Wall Art

Give your home a gallery-fresh look with art you’ve made yourself. There are innumerable ways to create something original and exciting with inexpensive materials like paper, found objects, flowers and more. Here are a few budget-friendly and fun ideas to try at home:


2. Home Accents

Spruce up your space by creating one-of-a-kind home accents, like decorative vases that you can enhance with paint, mirrors that you can reframe to suit your style and repurposed products that you can turn into something new with a little creativity. Browse through sites like Pinterest for great ideas for easy DIY projects that make a big splash in the space without making a big dent in your budget. Here are some examples of simple décor projects:


3. Painting

Painting is a tedious task, but when it’s done you’ll have the satisfaction of having done it yourself and saving money. First, choose a fresh colour to give your room a makeover. Bright colours can really pump energy and life into a room, and neutrals will outlast most décor trends, so choose a colour that’s right for you and the needs of your home.

Before you start painting, decide if you’d like an accent wall — that is, one that you’d paint a different colour than the rest of the room — or if you’d like to make a design on the wall. To make a cool design, all you’ll need is strategically placed painters’ tape. Here’s an example of what you can do with the tape and paint. Your design doesn’t have to be so intricate, but any design you make will instantly give that room an interesting new look.


4. Furniture Makeovers

Turn your old trash into a new treasure by rehabbing an old piece of furniture. Perhaps you have one in your home already, but if not, you can pick up a new piece at a neighbourhood sale or thrift shop. You can repaint the wood or metal, and you can reupholster fabric portions with an exciting fabric from the craft store that coordinates with your style. For more ideas on how to upcycle your furniture, pull from this list of 25 low-cost upgrades.

5. Lighting Ideas

One of the easiest ways to breathe new life into a room is by adjusting the lighting. Whether the room is bright or dim, the way the light interacts with the wall colours, the flooring and the furniture can change the whole vibe of the room. Natural lighting is usually best, but it’s not always easy to get. If the room you are working with doesn’t get a lot of natural lighting, make sure you optimise for the lighting you do get with transparent curtains and mirrors. Do the opposite if the room gets too much light at certain points in the day.

If you aren’t sure what kind of lighting a room needs, think about its purpose. For example, you need to be able to use a knife safely, read recipes and work with flames in a kitchen — all things that are best done when you can see clearly and with directed lighting. However, when you’re eating, you may want a more relaxed and hospitable atmosphere (think candles). In this case your kitchen is dual purpose, and you may want to consider a dimmer switch. Read more on finding the perfect lighting for your home and avoiding common mistakes.


6. Yard Enhancements

If you have a backyard or any green living space, there’s no need to hire a contractor to enhance it. Plant a few nice flower beds around the yard and add homemade furniture to the patio so you, your family and friends can enjoy more time together outdoors. Here are some tips from Fine Woodworking on how to make patio furniture that will impress all of your guests.


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