8 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Promoted

You sit at your desk beavering away at your work and your boss waltzes past; your first thought is “I could do that job, and I could do it better than you are!” Put simply, you want a promotion. You may have been at the same level for years without progression, or maybe you’ve only been with a company a matter of months but you’re highly ambitious.

It really doesn’t matter why you want a promotion; the problem is that you’re not getting it. Your co-workers are being promoted above you, but why aren’t you getting promoted?

1.    You Haven’t Told Anyone What You Want

If you haven’t told your boss your ambitions and your goals then how will she/he know?

It’s a manager’s job to understand their team’s goals, but in such a busy workplace you can’t wait to be asked. You need to make it clear that you’re looking to be considered for the next opportunity.

2.    You Haven’t Made Your Case

So you’ve made it clear that you’re interested in progressing and would love to be considered for the next promotion?

Have you told the relevant people why you think you’re a strong candidate for the role? No? Well if you don’t blow your own trumpet, no one else will. Tell your boss exactly why you want the promotion and why you’re the best person for the job. How else will they know?

3.    You’re Being Too Modest

A lot of companies will carry out internal interviews to find the right person for a promotion and we’re telling you now, this is no time to be modest!

Make a list of your past professional achievements and your relevant skills; don’t be humble and downplay the features that make you the best candidate.

4.    Your Skills Aren’t Right

Whether it’s down to inexperience or your particular skillset, a managerial or specialism role will often require very specific skills that you may not currently have.

Unfortunately, this might rule you out for promotions in the near future, but if you work on and develop the relevant skills, you can increase your chances next time around.

5.    You Haven’t Set Goals

Without objectives, your goals aren’t goals at all; they’re dreams. Put objectives in place and your goals suddenly become achievable.

If your skills aren’t right, then don’t just sit on them. Sit down with your boss and set out clear objectives that you both agree on.

6.    You’re Not the Right Person

Sometimes in life you’ve just got to accept that someone else is the better person for the job.

That doesn’t mean that you can give up though! What did that person have that you didn’t?

7.    There Are No Positions Available

If there are hordes of people being promoted ahead of you then this probably isn’t the case, and if you’re being told that it is, then you need to go back to some of the previous points and look at working on your skills.

If it’s true and there really are no positions currently available, then you have two choices:

1-    Continue to develop your skills to make yourself the perfect candidate when a position does open up.
2-    Carve a position for yourself. See a gap in the business and run with it. There’s nothing as impressive as proactivity!

8.    The Company Hasn’t Got the Money

Unfortunately this is the case in a lot of companies at present, and it’s all down to that pesky economy!

There’s not an awful lot you can do if your company is in this position and you might find that any promotion you do secure doesn’t come with a pay rise. Of course, if you stick it out until times are a little less financially hostile, you could reap the rewards later on!

If you want to move up the ladder and get a promotion but you find that it just doesn’t seem to be happening, it’s up to you to make it happen! Don’t sit back and wait for a promotion to be handed to you on a silver platter. Work hard and keep these points in mind; you’ll be running the business in no time!


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