April Is “Career Month” at Pounds to Pocket

Whether you’re still trying to decide what your career you’ll settle into, or you’re 30 years into your dream job, there are always ways to make a career (or potential career) better. You could beef up your interview skills, or get rid of common mistakes on your resume, or if you’re happy in your current career, find some tips on negotiating a better salary. 

Whatever your goals, Pounds to Pocket has tons of free information to help you make the most of your career.

Here are some posts to get you started!

What Resume Mistakes Are You Making?

Things to Consider When Negotiating Your Salary

3 Things Not to Do in a Job Interview

How to Decide to Quit and Run Your Own Business

Why Pay Isn’t the Only Thing That Matters in a Job

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Jennifer Gueringer is a Social Media Associate at Enova International, Inc., and is interested in finding new and creative ways to be financially savvy. Find out more about her on Google+.


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