Back 2 School Shopping for Less

Can you believe it’s already time for back-to-school shopping? It’s time for new pens, pencils, notebooks and our personal favourite — clothes! Before you head out on your school shopping excursion with your children, take a look in their closets and jot down what they already own that still fits. Remember to only shop for items that your children absolutely need! Use our pointers below to get a new wardrobe for the school year without busting your budget.

Clothes Swap

Before the school year begins, gather all of your kids’ most fashionable friends and organise a clothes swap! All attendees need to do is bring in clothing items and accessories that they no longer wear or use. Then, the real fun begins! Swap items, instantaneously getting your kids and guests new wardrobes for free.

Secondhand Shopping

Don’t knock secondhand shops until you try them! You can find amazing deals on like-new clothing in secondhand and consignment shops. While you may need to spend some extra time sifting through items, you can locate gently used clothing for fewer pounds! Just be sure to set aside more time than usual: Some of these shops aren’t too organised.

Flash Sales

Flash sale websites offer specific designer pieces on the cheap. When you purchase items, they are shipped in bulk to a retailer and then to your home. This saves you big money on packaging and shipping! These websites also have awesome email lists that alert you when their next big flash sale will be held. Find your favourite ones and start subscribing today to save big on next season’s items.

Clearance Rack

Think about your child’s favourite retail store and imagine the store layout. We bet you see the clearance rack in your memory! Shopping is as expensive as you make it. So, while the brand new clothes might be you and your child’s priority, the items on the clearance rack are just as new (and just as nice!). Start there and see what you can find before you hit the main aisles and racks.

Shop the Off-Season

Right now, you’re shopping for the start of the school year. However, what you actually should be shopping for are items for winter! Fashion is typically a season ahead or trying to get rid of last season’s hot items. That means that the items that your child will require for next season are already coming out and may be on sale. Just remember, check the final sales rules before purchasing in case they grow.

Repurpose and Re-wear

Take a peak in your child’s closet from the previous years. We’ll bet that there are items in there that are still wearable and in-style. Jeans with rips can easily be turned into shorts, and old t-shirts can simply be made into tank tops! All you need are some basic sewing skills and a little imagination to make your child’s old items like new again.


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