Beginners Guide to Couponing

couponingUnless you choose to renounce civilization and live in the wilderness or, perhaps more extreme, pursue ‘The Good Life’ by subsisting purely on the fruits of your urban vegetable patch, then grocery shopping is a fact of life that there’s no escaping from. Whether you’re the weekend big-shop type or your grab what you need from the express store on your way home from work each night, a serious chunk of your life’s earnings will be spent on the essentials: food, drink, personal hygiene products, and Football stickers for your kids. If these are costs that seem unavoidable, perhaps what you’re truly avoiding is the answer that stares you in the face: coupons.

If extreme couponing seems like a lot of fuss for little return, consider the stats: on our little island, we saved £1.7bn through couponing in 2014 alone. Divide that among the thrifty fraction of our population who actually do it, and the rewards speak for themselves. (A reasonable proportion of that total seems to be earned by one woman alone, record-breaking Holly Smith, who once made a £1200 coupon shop in a single day).

While there may be no such thing as a free lunch, a heavily-discounted grocery haul takes just a little discipline and dedication, and a lot of game. To make it worth your while, your extreme couponing needs to be just that – extreme – which means searching for, collecting, cataloguing and then tactically unleashing those discount vouchers. In short, you need a system.

To begin your path to a couponing fortune (or at least a significant reduction in your annual grocery spend) sit down a while and get to grips with this new infographic, which guides you through the whys, wherefores and – most importantly – the how’s of extreme couponing. Learn the top tips from intrepid couponers who are already wallowing in the savings earned from a little application and a handy way with the scissors.

coupon infographic



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