Hobbies That Will Make You Money

Hobbies are fun, but did you know there’s some cash to be made at the same time?

Hours ‘wasted’ playing video games or sharing your passions on social media can now be monetized, for example. If you are particularly talented at video games, or you have a unique angle on gamer culture and you’re confident in front of a webcam, there is money to be made in professional gaming or presenting Let’s Play videos on your own YouTube channel. If names like Peter Dager or Saahil Arora don’t yet mean anything to you, it might be worth checking out their ‘career’ paths: both have reportedly earned over $2m as E-sport heroes.

If you find yourself frittering away the evenings drawing comic books to entertain your family and friends, it could be worth looking for a bigger audience. For many, webcomics are the future of the comic book. While you shouldn’t expect to quit your day job – not for at least three years, anyway – comic artists can aim to earn up to $1600 per month online.

Even an old-school hobby such as baking can be profitable with a sprinkling of self-confidence and a pinch of self-taught business sense (tastiness of your cakes is also a major contributing factor). The modern spin is that social networking and the power of tools such as Instagram put the marketing tools in your hands: and if you want to avoid the internet, farmer’s markets and local cafés sourcing ‘home-made’ food are as fashionable as ever.

Whatever your pleasure, don’t rule out the possibility that your hobby could be a fun way to at least earn a little extra pocket money – check out this great new infographic that unearths several ways to exploit your passion that you may not have considered.

Hobbies Money Infographic


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Jennifer Gueringer is a Social Media Associate at Enova International, Inc., and is interested in finding new and creative ways to be financially savvy. Find out more about her on Google+.


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