How to Cut 7 Fruits Like a Pro




Supermarkets have an abundance of fruit from around the world: mangos from India, dragon fruit from Vietnam and passion fruit from Brazil. They look striking and taste delicious, but how on earth do you cut into them?

We’ve all been there. You purchase a fruit you love but in fact have no idea how to prepare. You grab the knife and decide a bit of improvisation won’t hurt. Maybe if I try this or maybe that… Many attempts later, slumped on the kitchen floor, you have been defeated by a piece of fruit. It may seem at times impossible, but with a little know-how, there’s no need to despair. Our new infographic offers step-by-step instructions on how to get the job done with some of the trickiest fruit.

So do not fear the unknown. Grab the mangos and pineapples, have a read and release your inner kitchen ninja!

fruit infographic




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