Holiday Checklist

Even though it’s back-to-school season — the second biggest retail season of the year — it’s also nearly time for the holidays. Did you know the holiday season accounts for almost 40% of annual retail sales?1 In many ways, the holiday season is getting longer, as retailers are kicking off their marketing campaigns even earlier. If they’re getting ready, shouldn’t you? Here’s how:

Halt Spending for 30 Days

Other than bills and absolutely necessary expenses, try halting any spending for 30 days or more to save money for the holidays. This could mean not ordering takeaway, purchasing clothes or hitting the town — just for a short 30 days (if not more!). You’ll be shocked to see how much money you actually save in such a short period of time.

Start Shopping Online & Mobile

Last holiday season, online sales went up 26% and mobile sales increased 59%. Retailers have noticed this uptick and have started adding some of their most popular items and exclusive coupons online or on their mobile apps. If you have created a list or are in the mood to start browsing, visit your favourite store’s website or mobile app to get in on the early savings. This will be beneficial in the long run!

Plan Your Travel Now  

Are you planning to travel at some point during the holiday season? You should consider starting your research and solidifying your itinerary soon to gain access to exclusive holiday deals or promo codes. Websites like Airfare Watchdog, Expedia and Opodo offer great deals on flights, hotels and holidays (even moreso if you book far in advance). Not only will this save you money, it will also give you a trip to look forward to soon.

Holiday Shopping Statistics1

Do you think you’re the only one planning ahead to find the best holiday deals? Think again!

  • 49% of people already know what they’re purchasing for the holidays
  • 9% begin their holiday shopping before September
  • 30% begin their holiday shopping before Halloween
  • 44% will wait to begin their holiday shopping in early December

We know that it’s extremely early to wrap your head around the holidays being right around the corner. But in order to money suckers and budget busters as they near, consider getting prepared now using our tips above!


1Dean, E., Stolt, J. and Thatcher, N. (August 2013). Beat the holiday rush: Three strategies for getting ahead. Retrieved 18 August 2015 from


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