How to Save on School Supplies

School is nearly back in session. You know what that means? School supplies! New pens, untouched composition books, fresh coloured pencils — not to mention a big bill at the end of it. Don’t waste all of your pounds during the back-to-school season. Instead, read on to learn how to save on supplies!

Shop at Home 

Before heading to your local store, do some shopping at home. Do you have any leftover supplies from the previous school year? By searching around for unused items, you’re already taking advantage of a big savings opportunity. Make it a fun game for your children to see who can find the most unused supplies for the school year!

Social Media Deals 

Do you keep up with any companies that might offer coupons or exclusive codes for deals on school supplies? Prior to going shopping, do a quick online search and follow or ‘like’ a few popular pages. You will be surprised by how many retailers want you to save! Tip: Start with Staples UK, Amazon UK and Tesco Offers!

Wait for the List

You know which list! At the start of every school year, your child’s teacher sends them home with a list of the necessary supplies for the year. Prior to receiving this list, don’t start shopping! You might end up buying some items they will not even need. And as a gentle reminder, when you do get to the store — stick to the list!

Shop Late

At the beginning of back to school season, many of the stores will put out the trendy supplies. While they’re fun to browse, they are a bit pricier. But did you know, when those items don’t sell out, retailers drastically reduce their price to get them off the shelves? That means, you should consider shopping late! If you can, do a quick supply trip to purchase the essentials. About a week after school has started, head back to the store to browse the newly reduced items!

Pound Shop

When it comes down to it, supplies run out and they run out quickly! A simple and savvy money-saving solution is the pound store. While they may only have selected supplies, consider heading there first to see what items you can knock off your list. We bet they even have a back to school section!


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