8 Jobs You Can Do From Home

The introduction of the internet forever changed the way we can connect with others in the professional world. In fact, it opened up the opportunity for more than 13% of the UK labour market to work independently from home.1 Communications that once took days or weeks now take seconds, creating a whole new opportunity to complete tasks remotely that would normally occur in an office setting.

As the freelance market grows, so do the opportunities. Below are some of the most popular jobs you can do from home.

Survey Taker | Average Pay: £1 - £50 per survey

No matter who you are, you fit a demographic that needs to be polled for marketing research. Companies across the web are hired to conduct these surveys and need help collecting responses — that’s where you come in. Companies such as MySurvey have free registration. You are rewarded points for each complete survey that can be redeemed for cash with PayPal, Amazon and more.

Skills Tools
None Internet connection
Translator | Average Hourly Rate: £25/hour

There are an estimated 7,000 languages spoken around the world.3 If you know one of them in addition to English, you could make a fair amount by translating online. Websites like Gengo forward you tasks based on your fluent language and you get paid per word based on your skill level. Some of the most popular languages requested are Mandarin, Spanish, Hindi, Russian, German and French.

Skills Tools
Fluency with a foreign language Internet connection
CV Writing | Average Hourly Rate: £24/hour

Enjoy the luxury of working from home while you help others find their next career. A CV is the first impression one makes with potential employers and many do not want to risk sabotaging that opportunity with a poorly constructed CV. This is where you, a CV writer, would come in. Job hunters seek out sites like ResumeEdge where they can connect with experienced writers who will edit their CV for them. Writers get paid per CV, LinkedIn profile update or cover letter.

Skills Tools
Writing Internet connection
Proofreading Computer
Graphic Design | Average Hourly Rate: £45/hour

Many small businesses do not have an in-house design team and seek outside sources to produce professional materials. That’s where you come in as a graphic designer! Create sharable images for social media, flyers, infographics, pamphlets and more. Because graphic design takes a specific skillset, the hourly rate is much higher than other at-home freelancing roles. Teach yourself the ins and outs of design with these free online courses.

Skills Tools
Graphic design certificate or degree Internet connection
Adobe Creative Suite
Website Tester | Average Hourly Rate: £7 - £10/test

Just like any product, marketers like to complete research to see how actual users like (or dislike) their websites so they can make informed adjustments before they finally launch. Sites like UserTesting connect freelancers with companies that need an unbiased party to explore their website before it launches. As a tester, you will catalog your likes and dislikes as you work through the sites in 15 ­– 20 minutes.

Skills Tools
None Internet connection
Computer with webcam
Vlogger | Average Hourly Rate: £1/1,000 hits

Are you an accomplished guitarist or makeup expert? Do your friends and family ask you frequently for your secret to your perfect pie crust or your trick to creating the perfect joint in a wooden chair? If so, consider a part-time job as a vlogger, or “video blogger”. Record step-by-step guides so others can learn the skills you’ve honed. Choose a theme that can be expanded into weekly episodes to maxmise the amount of subscribers you can collect. When you enroll with YouTube’s partner program (the ones who places ads within and before videos), you get a part of the profits from their advertising fee. Vlogging has grown very popular in recent years, so make sure you pick a unique perspective to stand out and get the most hits.

Skills Tools
A demonstrable skill or fresh perspective Internet connection
Public speaking Computer with webcam or other video equipment
Video editing YouTube Account
Transcription | Average Hourly Rate: £10/hour

Scientific researchers, lawyers and other professions are often in situations where they must record audio or video. Raw audio and video files can be a challenging to navigate when trying to find a specific spot, so their creators look for someone to transcribe the audio or video sessions for easy reference. The task can be tedious and time-consuming, so many professionals will outsource the task to sites like Scribie.

Skills Tools
Acute listening Internet connection
Educator | Average Hourly Rate: £12 - £25/hour

There are a variety of education-based roles available to those who prefer to work from home or desire a more flexible schedule. You can pursue a more full-time role on sites like Connections Academy. If you prefer a more sporadic teaching opportunity, try online tutoring. If you are an expert on a subject or fluent in a language, you could find a lot of value in tutoring programs like TutorVista. The pay varies greatly due to demand of subject matters or experience.

Skills Tools
Teaching license Internet connection
Computer with webcam or other video equipment

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