Life Before the Internet

We all take it for granted these days, and now an entire generation has grown up with it. Yes, the Internet has truly revolutionized nearly every aspect of modern life. From meeting your potential soulmate to watching your favorite shows, it’s all done on the Internet now. But it wasn’t always that way…

Dating before and after the internet

Finding a Date

Before online dating, people used to have to rely on their charm and charisma to get date. It took a brave soul to approach a stranger and ask them out. The chance of a painful rejection was real. These days, online dating apps have all but eliminated the risk factor. We can swipe left and right until our heart’s content to find a match.

navigating a car journey before and after the internet

Navigating a Car Journey  

If you went on a car journey before the advent of smartphone map apps, you’ll remember this scenario well. After you inevitably got lost, a lengthy argument ensued about who was to blame. The Internet is rarely wrong when it comes to maps, so now you only have yourself to blame.

Buying a book before and after the internet

Buying a Book

Some people miss the hours spent in the book shop trying to decide which book to buy. Being able to read a free sample online from the comfort of your home should make the decision easier. Or maybe spending an entire evening reading the different reviews makes it even harder to make a choice? We’ll let you decide.

 watching tv before and after the internet

Watching your favourite show

Catching your favorite show used to take real dedication and a whole lot of planning. From finding out when the show was on to ensuring you had access to the TV, we certainly don’t miss the family arguments about who gets to watch what and when. But the TV guide and forward planning is a thing of the past. Now you can binge the entire season on your laptop in one night. Good for your sanity, but probably not for your time management.

Organizing a meeting before and after the internet

 Organizing a meeting

It used to be that everyone had to be in the same room to have a meeting. Now you can chat with multiple people all over the world from the comfort of your own home or office. Just make sure everyone has a solid internet connection – frozen faces on the screen have turned many a meeting sour.

Settling a debate before and after the internet 

Settling a debate

For as long as there have been bars, there have been people inside arguing about some “fact” or another. These debates used to take days to settle, with people drunkenly getting the encyclopedias out when they got home. Luckily, it can all be put to bed in an instant nowadays – just check it on your phone!

Sharing photography before and after the internet

Sharing photography

You buy the film and take some photos. A couple of months pass until you get a chance to take it into the developer. A few days later, you finally have your pics. Of course, not all of them have turned out and your grandma seems to have the devilish red eyes of a demon in one of them, but your pictures are in your hands. Nowadays you can take a pic, edit it to perfection and share it across numerous Internet platforms in a matter of minutes.

Sharing music before and after the internet

Sharing music

If you grew up before the Internet then this one will be especially nostalgic. How many beautiful relationships began with a mixtape being lovingly made and presented to a crush? You’d spend hours choosing the perfect sequence of songs and writing out the tracklist. An online playlist just doesn’t have the same romance.

Calling home before and after the internet

Calling home to tell your parents/partner that you are running late to dinner.

 Being where you said you were going to be, when you said you would be there is now a lost art. If you were running late, you would need change and a payphone to let everyone know. It was such a pain to be late that people would just be on time just to save the hassle. These days, you can let them know in a couple of clicks.


Perhaps you feel that life was better before the Internet, when we were more connected to the real world and things weren’t quite so easy. Or maybe it sounds like a nightmare, and you can’t even imagine how people survived without it. Which side are you on?

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Nivene obtained her Bachelors of Communication from Loyola University Chicago. She loves to discuss fashion, finance, TV and cupcakes. Rumor has it she loves owls and drinks too much coffee – that is yet to be determined. Find about more about her on Google +.


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