Medical Research: Not Just Helping Your Health

Medical research has, and always will be, an important resource for improving health within the UK — and worldwide. But beyond the obvious benefits of medical research, it can also be a great tool for enhancing a career in healthcare. A research fellowship can actually change one’s medical career for the better.


Why Medical Research?

For a long time, the Medical Research Council (MRC) has been an avid supporter of students of medicine, nursing and healthcare, helping them build a valuable research element into their current careers.[1] Individuals working in a wide range of health professions have a lot to offer the more traditional researchers. Their hands-on experience in the field can bring a different perspective to research projects.



What Opportunities Are Out There?

Other programmes, such as the Clinical Academic Fellowship at University of Sterling, offer healthcare professionals — such as nurses — the opportunity to have a career within higher education.

Over the course of five years, applicants accepted into the part-time programme will become educated in various new research projects while enhancing their overall career. They will engage in research in one of seven different areas:


  • Cancer Care
  • Education Research and Practice Development
  • Enhancing Self Care and Self Management
  • Healthcare Management (Institute of People Centered Healthcare Management)
  • Maternal and Child Health
  • Mental Health
  • Public Health and Population Health



What Do I Need to Apply?

In order to apply, applicants should either have a first or upper second class Honours, Masters degree or an alternative equivalent qualification in the area of study for which they wish to pursue. For more information on the Clinical Academic Fellowship and how to apply visit

You can also visit the MRC Fellowship Eligibility Checker to discover other research fellowship programmes that are most applicable to you.




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