How to Organise a Garage Sale

Are you prepared to get your garage organised and sell off your unnecessary and unwanted belongings? Before you donate it, you should host a garage sale!

If you have never held or attended one — we’ll show you how host a successful garage sale in the following five steps!

1. Team Up

Do you have neighbours or friends in the process of cleaning their garage too? Invite them to join your garage sale! By asking more people to join your sale, the more opportunities you will have to attract a bigger crowd with additional merchandise. They can also help you setup, clean up and sell their own items. Everyone wins!

2. Select Items That Will Sell

Crowds of people flock to garage sales searching for a variety of products. However, some items that always sell well are kitchen goods, books, games, furniture and appliances.1 So any ununsed platters, secondhand books, and furniture that is clean and in working order. The bargain hunters won’t be able to resist!

3. Price Accurately

We know that some of the items you are planning to sell have sentimental value. However, remember that the point of the sale is to purge! So when you are valuing items, try to price everything at 10% – 15% of its original price. Also, to avoid any confusion or extreme haggling with your customers, put easily seen price tags on everything.

4. Display Items

The individuals that are perusing the items at your sale may or may not be looking for something specific. In order to entice them to purchase your used goods, you will need to display them appropriately. For example, will you be selling any electronics? If you’re selling an old record player, put a record on it to show how great a buy it is! Group items like clothing in one section, books and games in another, and kitchen merchandise somewhere else. Get creative — this is your storefront for the day!

5. “Free” Box

There will likely be junk leftover that you know won’t sell at your garage sale. These items may include old toys, garden tools or random pieces of furniture. Rather than

throwing them away, put all of these items in a designated “free” box! Allow your customers to peruse these articles while they’re at your sale and take them home if they see something useful.


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