How to Pick a Hobby for Your Personality

Hobbies are a small reflection of who we are as individuals. And just as each of us is unique, so also will different hobbies appeal to different personalities.

The key to a great hobby is that it both relaxes you and fulfils you in some way. It’s a delicate balance — you’ll probably want to find something challenging but not stressful, mentally stimulating but not totally draining. (And ideally, it won’t cost much money either.) What are some activities or skills that appeal to you, but that aren’t being developed in your career or other daily responsibilities? Below are a few ideas to kick off your search for the perfect new hobby.

1. Expand your mind.

Intellectual pursuits are a noble hobby, and the possibilities are endless. Why? Because there’s always something new to learn! So don your beret, sip your espresso, and brush up on your philosophical phrases.


  • Reading novels, blogs, how-to books
  • Writing essays, short stories, articles
  • Collecting, creating and/or critiquing art
  • Learning a second language
  • Taking classes for a new skill

2. Work with your hands.

On the flip side, if you already expend a lot of mental energy at your job, maybe you’d prefer a hobby focused more on craftsmanship.


  • Carpentry or DIY home repair
  • Arts and crafts projects for home decorations or gifts
  • Gardening
  • Baking, cooking or cake decorating

3. Involve your whole body.

Maybe you’d rather break free from the routine altogether and make a hobby out of having adventures. Perfect. It’s a big world out there; you certainly won’t run out of new things to explore.


  • Camping
  • Playing sports (surfing, cycling, scuba diving)
  • Exercising or doing yoga
  • Travelling
  • Spelunking

This list has only scratched the surface. You could also start a collection, volunteer in your community or do anything else that brings you joy. Try a few new things and see what grabs you!


Jordhan Briggs is a content writer and copywriter at Enova International, Inc. dedicated to providing the most informative and useful content about living a rewarding life on a budget. Find out more about her on Google+.


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