10 Extra Uses for Mason Jars

Back before the development of refrigeration, there were many methods deployed to help make food last longer. Mason jars are one such invention that have stood the test of time.

In recent years, the Mason jar has popped up in the homes of people who aren’t looking to preserve food but are looking to do some DIY! The Mason jar’s multipurpose glass can come in handy when you’re in a pickle outside the kitchen. Here are 10 alternative uses for a mason jar you might find handy!

1. Soap Dispenser

Trade in your store-bought soap dispenser for a see-through, shabby-chic version that you made yourself. You’ll also save more money and help the environment by buying hand soap in bulk rather than individual bottles. Start by making a small hole in the lid of the jar with a hammer and nail; this works best if the lid is screwed onto the jar. Remove the pump from your old soap dispenser and stick it through the lid of the jar; you may have to make a bigger hole, depending on how thick your pump is. Hot glue the pump in place. Fill the jar with soap and lather up. Feel free to decorate the jar however you’d like while keeping in mind that you should probably use waterproof materials.

2. Flower Pot

If you think mason jars are just for vegetables after they’ve grown, think again. Mason jars are excellent for seedlings and herbs. Better yet, they don’t take up a lot of space and double as décor, so set up a row of herbs on your kitchen windowsill for great light and easy access to fresh cooking ingredients. Because the jars don’t have holes for drainage like traditional pots, make sure you start with a layer of rocks or gravel to prevent the roots from getting too much water and potentially hindering their growth.

3. Vase

Mason jars work wonderfully as vases for short bouquets. Pour some water in a Mason jar and arrange the flowers for a quick solution with rustic results. If you are looking for a long-term solution, pick out some broad, lush artificial flowers from your local craft store. Sunflowers, chrysanthemums, garden roses, peonies and dusty millers are all great places to start.

4. Drinking Glass

Mason jars make great wide-mouth drinking glasses that are perfect for an everyday glass, but even better when hosting a party. Leave the lid off for a rustic look, or drill a hole in it (similarly to the soap dispenser above) for a straw. You can also personalize jars with simple printable labels for a special event like a bridal shower or holiday party. If you plan on having a large number of people, consider painting a square of chalkboard paint on each jar and have your guests write their names on them to help differentiate drinks.


5. Craft/Hardware Storage

If you have a drawer full of loose craft supplies (e.g. beads, buttons, pins) or hardware (nuts, bolts, etc.), organise those small pieces and put them into their own Mason jars. The clear jars help to keep everything in its place while remaining totally visible, so you’re never wondering where your stuff is. Take the project (and your organisational skills) a step further by nailing the lids to the underside of a shelf so you can screw the jars on and off easily.


6. Plant Marker Cover

You want to mark your plants so you know what you’re growing, but many times weather can distress the markers until you can’t read the seed packet you used to identify it. To protect your markers from the elements, drop a jar on top. Since the Mason jars are clear, you’ll be able to see your markers and avoid any mishap that may ensue from mislabeling your plants.


7. Terrarium

Give your workspace an earthy aura by making a mini-terrarium in a Mason jar. Easy to make and even easier to maintain, terrariums are great for any space and make thoughtful gifts because they are so easily personalized. These DIY instructions for a Mason jar terrarium call for activated charcoal, small stones, sheet moss, decorations like miniature animals, chopsticks and spray paint.


8. Snow Globe

If you’re looking for another great DIY gift idea, snow globes are a great option. With a little effort and a few accessories, you can get an impressive effect. Start traditional with fir tree figurines, excellent for holiday time, or commemorate a big moment like an important game, a major life event or a special trip.


9. Candle Holder

A Mason jar candleholder requires little to no work. Just pop in a tea light and voila! If you’re feeling fancy, there are innumerable ways you can decorate the jar by spray painting it, adding glitter or tying on ribbons and bows — the possibilities are endless! Make sure that any décor you may add doesn’t hang over the lip of the lid and stays out of the way of the flame.


10. Bird Feeder

Bring all the birds to your yard by fashioning a bird feeder out of a Mason jar. You can make an elaborate bird feeder like this one, or you can keep it simple by wrapping wire around the jar and hanging it from a tree.


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