How to Save Money in April

The grey skies of winter are giving way to the first stretches of warm weather, which can only mean one thing…spring is here! 

The warm months are often best for saving money, affording us more opportunities to save on electricity by spending time outdoors or keeping the windows open. And the weather is often better for our cars — no salt on the roads, no need for heating, and more opportunities to walk or ride our bikes. Not having to heat our homes means energy costs are lower. And particularly in April, you’re likely to have a number of days that aren’t so hot as to require air conditioning. During this time of the year, it’s not uncommon to see utility bills reduced by nearly 50 percent.

But are there other April savings opportunities that we can count on? There are, if you’re willing to do a little digging.

Yard sales: You’ll find car boot sales and yard sales popping up here and there on warm March weekends, but April usually brings them into full swing. You can’t really plan for what you want to buy, but this is certainly one of the single cheapest ways to shop. Most of the time, people just want to get rid of their stuff, because one person’s trash could always end up being another person’s treasure.

Replace your tyres: A lot of car dealerships and tyre manufacturers will run specials in the spring because they know people are gearing their cars up for summer vacations. That means you can get a set of tyres for your vehicle at a bargain. Some companies dock the price of all four, while others will simply run a “buy three, get one free” deal. Either way, the savings are there for the taking.

Hang your clothes on the line: On the warm, sunny and breezy days, hang your clothes out on the line instead of running the dryer. It’ll save you a little bit of money and give you a nice excuse to spend some time outdoors.

Easter candy: April is one of those months that gives you the opportunity to cash in on some discounted holiday candy. Just wait until Easter is over, then hit the major retailers to pick up a few bags of your favourites at a steep price cut.

Take advantage of low demand for food and clothing: Retail sales of food and clothing have recently been declining, which means demand is low and prices are being slashed to bring customers back. This makes April an ideal time to stock up on non-perishable food items and summer (or winter) clothing.

Deep clean your home: Something about spring just makes it easier to get into house-cleaning mode. Maybe it’s the fresh air or the warmer temperatures, but either way, you can save on the cost of a cleaning service by doing the work yourself.

Buy a snow shovel: Mild climates still get snow in March, but April is generally much warmer and relatively snow-free. If you spot a snow shovel at a department store in April, odds are good that the discount will be significant. Pick it up and store it away for next winter.

Cut your own grass: You’ll see a lot of lawn service ads popping up in April, but if you can resist the temptation to pay for it, maintaining your own lawn can save you a lot of money. Once again, it gives you a great reason to enjoy the weather and get some fresh air.

Do some home improvement: Hardware stores and home improvement retailers often run spring promotions or sales that start in April, which means you can get building supplies in bulk or at a discounted price for any new projects you want to start. If you’ve been putting those projects off because of cost, April might be the cheapest time to get them done.

Saving money in April means you’ve got to put in some hard work. It takes time, energy and attention to detail to make yard sales, seasonal discounts and warm temperatures work in your financial favour. The nice thing about April, and springtime in general, is that it often makes these things more fun, since you’re no longer working around the cold or fighting a desire to stay inside with the heater and TV running.

Enjoy your spring and stay thrifty!

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