How to Save Money in June

If you’re devoted to saving money, every month of the year presents its own unique opportunities to do so. June is no different, offering plenty in the way of sunshine, long days, warm weather and money-saving opportunities for the thrifty among us. 

As always, it’s about opportunity; about understanding and leveraging the cycles of retailers. Know what gets expensive in June and what gets cheaper, and then act accordingly. Doing that homework now and keeping an eye on seasonal trends can help you save a lot of money.

Here is a list of opportunities the month of June could present to you.

1. Start Shopping for Back-to-School Supplies

Don’t wait until the last minute to go school shopping.

Despite what the advertisements and banners might lead you to believe, you can actually get pens, pencils and notebooks all year long. The best time to go is when kids are just getting out of school and school supplies are the furthest thing from everyone’s mind.

Whether you’re a parent with a child in school or a college student, getting school supplies in June is likely to land you great prices.

2. Plan a Yard Sale

Yard sale season starts to see signs of life in April and May, but June brings it into full swing.

If you can work up the energy to get up early on a Saturday morning, community yard sales are often the best places to hit, as you’ll have a lot of different homes selling within walking distance of one another.

Pack some water and cash, and make a general list of what you want to find. Discounts of around 90% are not uncommon.

3. Buy Tools

Father’s Day is in June, which often means retailers will have special deals and discounts on tools.

Whether you’re buying for dad or not, it can be one of the better times to replace some of the older items in your tool box, or stash away gifts for the winter season.

4. Head to the Farmer’s Market

The farmer’s market is a great place to buy fresh produce in June, since a lot of what has been planted earlier in the year is mature and ready to eat. The increase in supply means prices will come down, plus you’re already removing the cost of a third-party grocery retailer.

Did I mention that it’s farm-fresh and organic?

You can’t get a much better deal in June than some cheap, fresh produce.

5. Go to the Pool for Fun

Most city-run and private pools are either free or fairly cheap, and are generally open by the first week of June.

If you’re looking for some time to kill and a way to beat the heat, it’s cheap fun, especially for kids.

6. Buy an Electric Mower

Though it might not be helpful for larger lawns, an electric mower can save someone with a smaller lawn a lot of money in fuel and oil. Since the price of fuel tends to start the summer spike in June, an electric mower will save you that cost every year for as long as it runs.

They’re also easier to start and move around — that is, if you don’t mind dragging the power chord behind you.

7. Replace Going to the Movies with Going Out for Ice Cream

Sharing a cup or two of ice cream is only fun when it’s warm, but it’s also far cheaper than going to the movies. If you’ve been passing the cold nights by heading to the theatre, save your money by spending far less on a walk and some ice cream.

When the sun goes down, summer nights often become quite comfortable, maintaining the moderate temperature but sparing you the intense heat of the sun.

It’s the perfect time to enjoy a cold treat.

8. Plan Ahead for Father’s Day

While Father’s Day can present you the chance to save money, it can also cost you more than it should if you rush into it without a plan. Some simple planning ahead and avoiding the Father’s Day rush can save you money on both a gift and a card, since you’ll have the time to think and budget.

Plan early so that you’ll have the option of custom-making your own card (which is more thoughtful and often cheaper) or ordering your gift online, where you’ll have more variety and pricing options.

9. Invest in Some Heavy Blinds

The heat of the sun pouring into your windows during the day can be enough to push your electric bill up as it gets tougher to cool your house. Try investing in some heavy blinds to put over your windows during the day.

They’ll look nice and keep the heat out, reducing the need for air conditioning and lowering your electric bill.

10. Do Some Canning or Freezing

Since fresh produce is so readily available during the summer, buy some extra and can or freeze it so that you won’t have to buy the same items in the fall and winter when they’re more expensive.

The Start of Summer Savings

June is usually the first “real” month of summer that we have, at least when it comes to climate.

That makes it the ideal time to get a jump-start on your summer savings plans. And all it takes is a little planning ahead and figuring out where to put your money to get the best value in return.

What’s your strategy for saving in June?

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Jennifer Gueringer is a Social Media Associate at Enova International, Inc., and is interested in finding new and creative ways to be financially savvy. Find out more about her on Google+.


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