Spring Clean Your Finances

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the flowers are in full bloom — it’s definitely spring. Although the season is dwindling and summer is right around the corner, there is still some sprucing up to be done when it comes to your finances. We recently shared simple ways for you to spring clean your home, but now it’s time to spring clean your finances! Here’s how in 5 easy ways:

Review Spending Reports

Since your budget and spending habits dictate the bulk of your financial planning, you should start here. Print out your spending reports and note where the majority of your funds have been going. Can you cut back on anything? Are you noticing a surplus of frivolous spending? Adjust your budget accordingly.

Bank Accounts

This spring, it may be time to consolidate your accounts. Take a look at how many bank accounts you have open. Do you have multiple bank accounts open that you rarely use? It’s the time to close them. Are you unhappy with your bank and their services? Now would be the prime time to switch.

Go Paperless

All those bank accounts, utility accounts or loan accounts you have open probably send you mail often. But did you know most of them have a paperless billing option? Clean up the clutter on the kitchen counter by opting for paperless billing whenever given the option. It’s better for the environment after all!

Browse Rates

Are you absolutely positive you’re getting the best car insurance, home insurance, cable, mobile and internet rates? Compare the competitive rates of your recurring bills to competitors’ rates to be certain that you’re not overpaying or missing out on any great deals. If you have the time, give your providers a call and see if they are able to adjust your rates.

Retirement and Investments

Spring clean your retirement benefits and investments by consolidating accounts, rebalancing and updating beneficiaries. Saving money over time and investing wisely are extremely important for your future finances. In order to retire comfortably, make checking in on your accounts an annual priority. This will likely take a few hours, so be sure to set aside enough time for a thorough review.

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