Summer Bucket List

Summer is here! Days filled with sunshine, festivals, holiday time and more! With so many possibilities for fun, how do you choose? Start with one of our bucket lists! Whether you’re looking to quiet your boredom on a rainy day or you’re out of ideas for free and frugal things to do, we’ve got you covered.

Print out your favourite bucket list and start working on a summer you’re sure to remember!

budget bucket list

  1. Go on a hike.
  2. Take a tour of a local factory or brewery.
  3. Dog-sit for a friend and enjoy having a pet to play with all day (and maybe make some extra cash).
  4. Visit a local park or botanical garden on a nice day.
  5. Plant a garden.
  6. Go swimming at night with glow sticks.
  7. Spend the afternoon in a hammock with a great book.
  8. Make banana splits at home.
  9. “Window shop” at a flea market.
  10. Pick your own fruit at an orchard.
  11. Make a pie from the fruit you picked.
  12. Go to a street festival to hear a live band.
  13. Have a board game night.
  14. Watch the sunrise or sunset.
  15. Lay out a blanket and go stargazing.
  16. Learn a new skill.
  17. Make a meal with food you find at a farmer’s market.
  18. Do outdoor yoga.
  19. Go on a road trip.
  20. Rent a bike and go somewhere new in your town.


  1. Write down 3 – 5 things you want to accomplish by the end of the summer.
  2. Go to a conservatory where you can enjoy the feeling of the outdoors while still being inside.
  3. Deep clean your house, including the places you normally neglect (like the inside of your oven or microwave).
  4. Pick out a recipe for a tricky dessert and spend the time to get through it carefully — the reward at the end is sweet!
  5. Host a movie marathon with snacks themed to fit the movies.
  6. Volunteer at a local charity.
  7. At the end of the summer, compile ticket stubs, photos and other memorabilia, and put together a shadow box to commemorate the summer.
  8. Join a book club at your local library.
  9. Visit a museum (but check for free days first!).
  10. Treat yourself to an at-home spa day.
  11. Clean out your closet to make room for new summer styles.
  12. Try indoor rock climbing or other unconventional indoor sports.
  13. Take a dance class.
  14. Make a DIY candle or another craft.
  15. Play a board game or challenge yourself with a puzzle.
  16. Find a fun workout video on YouTube and get moving.
  17. Look up things that travel websites suggest you do in your city on a rainy day and be a tourist.
  18. Binge watch the show at the top of your to-do list.
  19. Do a crossword puzzle without the help of the Internet.
  20. Write a bucket list for the things you want to accomplish this summer (when it’s not raining!).


couples bucket list

  1. Make a challenging recipe together.
  2. Choose another language to learn and practice with each other.
  3. Write down a bunch of date night ideas and put them in a jar. When you’re stumped for ideas of what to do, select a random one out of the jar.
  4. Plan a dream trip you’d want to take together.
  5. Make a list of your 10 favourite movies, compare, then alternate watching each other’s movies.
  6. Choose some sharable foods and find a park or nice outdoor area to enjoy them.
  7. Read the same book and discuss.
  8. Go on an ice cream crawl. Make a list of the top five places near you and taste-test them all.
  9. Get dressed up for a simple date night (just because).
  10. Try a two-person sport like tennis.
  11. Build a fort and play old school video games, or try this couples quiz.
  12. Have a tech-free day and simply enjoy each other’s company.
  13. Go see a local band or comedy show.
  14. Take a road trip somewhere.
  15. Start a new summer tradition together.
  16. Learn how to dance (or just go out dancing and make it up).
  17. Spend an entire day in your pyjamas.
  18. Make a time capsule. Put in any sort of mementos (ticket stubs, photos, cards, etc.) or a bottle of wine to age; set a date to open for another date night.
  19. Go to a karaoke bar and choose a song for the other person (but don’t tell them).
  20. Save up and go to a nice restaurant to close out the summer.


Babs is a content writer at Enova International, Inc. with a Bachelors in Cinema Studies and English from the University of Illinois (ILL-INI!). She loves binge watching musicals, reading in the (sporadic) Chicago sunshine and discovering great new places to eat. Accio, tacos! Find out more about her on Google+.


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