Turkey Stew Dog Food RecipeTotal Cost: £2.44

  • 250 grams – fresh turkey mince = £1.25
    Cost: £2.50 x 0.50 (1/2 of the 500 grams of turkey) = £1.25
  • 85 grams brown rice = £.89
    Cost: £1.79 x 0.50 (1/2 of the 190 grams rice serving) = £.89
  • 1/4 large potato = £.15
    Cost: £.70 x 0.25 (1/4 of the potato) = £.15
  • 4 baby carrots = £.15
    Cost: £.77 x 0.20 (1/5 of the bag of carrots) = £.15
  • 350 mL water = free


Just because your dog is an animal doesn’t mean it should eat like one. The following recipe will not only treat your canine to a healthy and filling meal, but it will also prevent you from overspending on dog food. If you have a big dog, don’t hesitate to make larger portions to make sure it gets the amount of food it needs.

Saving Money Recipe - step 1. ingredients

To start, place the turkey mince in a dry pan and cook on medium heat. While the turkey is cooking, cut the carrots and slice the potatoes into tiny pieces. Once the turkey turns a white colour, mix in the potato and carrots and add 120 mL of water.

Saving Money Recipe - Step 2.

Once everything is mixed, start boiling the mixture on high heat. At the same time, begin preparing the rice. To save time, we placed our brown rice in the microwave for just 90 seconds!

Saving Money Recipe - Step 3

When you see the stew boiling, start adding a little of the remaining water. Add the rice to the mixture when the potatoes and carrots are fork-tender. Stir everything together for two minutes and then take away from the burner.

Saving Money Recipe - Step 4

Strain the leftover juice into a separate bowl and let the food cool for a few minutes. Your dog may not eat the food if it’s too hot, so make sure it’s at room temperature before serving.

Saving Money Recipe - Step 5

When the food is cool enough to serve, add some juice you recently strained into the bowl and watch your dog enjoy a healthy (and cheap) meal!

Saving Money Recipe - Step 6

Making your own dog food is a fun and inexpensive way for you to feed your beloved best friend healthy meals. Before serving homemade dog food to your dog, make sure to check with your veterinarian to make sure your dog doesn’t have any allergies.

Saving Money Recipe - Happy dog



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