A Visual Guide to 9 Classic Soups

A good soup nourishes the body and soul. They can be hearty and warming on those cold winter days or light and fresh for spring and summer. But trawling through recipes, reading through the ingredient list and learning the cooking method is time consuming…surely there’s a simpler way?

Well, we’ve done the work for you to present the ultimate soup cheat sheet. Our highly visual, minimal instruction guide will teach you how to make the classics in a matter of minutes.

They all start with the aromatics. These add flavour, aroma and depth to your cooking to build the personality of your soup. Different combinations have different characteristics and can give a real twist.

Another key element is the stock you use. You can buy them ready made or in granules, but if you want to go that extra mile try making some of your own. Simply store in the freezer so it’s available whenever the mood takes you.

Soup isn’t that hard once you know the basics. Give our cheat sheet a go and learn the power of simplicity.

A visual guide to 9 classic soups infographic

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